She’s ALWAYS Available

Cyrene is truly an amazing realtor.  My experience using her as my agent to buy an apartment was really exceptional.  I found her though her assistant who is my dog sitter.

I consult in the Customer Service industry so service is very important to me, I have high standards and honestly pretty hard to please.  Cyrene was unbelievable and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a realtor.  Here are some things that you should know about her:

1.  First of all, she’s ALWAYS available.  Even when she was out of surgery she was instantly checking in to make sure my sale was on track.
2.  She in on her game.  She’s ALWAYS on top of everything and has great attention to detail.  This is really important because the sellers realtor wants to know that she’s going to be responsive.
3.  She builds really good relationships with the other realtors.  I was on a limited budget and didn’t have a huge down payment.  I missed out on some places but in all those instances the seller wanted to sell to me, I just couldn’t match the other people’s prices.  They wanted to sell to me because Cyrene talked me up to the other agent and the sellers and created a personal connection with them.  This is super important in a sellers market.
4.  She asks all the questions I didn’t know to ask.  Makes sure you consider everything about the place you’re buying, good and bad.
5.  Cyrene finds out what’s important to the seller and helps your construct an offer that is appealing to them.

Cyrene saved me from making bad decisions and found me the perfect place for me and my two dogs.  Having a great realtor is vitally important, it will save you money and get you the home you want I’m really glad I was able to work with her.

— Deke , Client